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shutters on lobstah trap

The design and functionality of Bahama shutters include top hinges, enabling you to push the Bermuda shutters out and away from the house. They are specially designed to act as storm shutters and protect against storm and hurricane damage.

Another advantage to Bahama shutters is that they also aid in natural climate control.The top-set hinges are designed so that you can easily choose the angle at which the shutters open. This enables you to control the amount of air and light you want in your room and allows you to set the shutters at angles that facilitate natural cooling by keeping the air circulation.

Bahama shutters are a great pick for Floridians, as the natural cooling properties of Bermuda shutter allows you to conserve energy while saving money on utility bills.

Please take a look at the Shutters Gallery below to see a sampling of our high-quality work!